Dual Degree with Tiffin University
The American University in Switzerland and Tiffin University, based in Ohio, United States, are delighted to offer students the opportunity to receive a degree from Tiffin University in addition to their bachelor’s degree from AUS.

Students will have the opportunity to complete dual degrees in a range of subject areas, including; management and international business, sports management and sports marketing, and sports management and athletic administration.

At AUS and Tiffin University, we put our students at the center of what we do. This opportunity enables students to fully immerse themselves in an international environment providing the platform for extensive educational and career benefits. With access to guest professors, the possibility of a semester abroad, or an international internship, students' opportunities are life-changing.
IATA Authorized Training Center
The American University in Switzerland is proud to be recognized as an official IATA Authorized Training Center.

Offering a degree with a specialization in Aviation Management and specific IATA certified training courses enables students to gain expert industry knowledge from a global organization in air transport. Courses available to students will complement the AUS curriculum and give real-industry insight to support academic knowledge.

Topics such as Air Transport Fundamentals provide an overview of the air transportation system and illustrate the interdependencies among its various components, and Aviation Security Awareness, which looks at introducing security measures and regulations to keep the industry safe.

This opportunity provides students a real advantage when seeking employment by showcasing their expertise and applied knowledge through gaining industry-recognized certifications.

Tuition & Fees

The American University in Switzerland offers students a high-quality educational experience and ensures that students are given a high level of personalized attention to support their development and growth. Your education is undoubtedly one of the most important investments you will ever make.

Fees as reviewed from time to time and may change from those listed below. The university reserves the right to make such alternations and amendments as necessary. All prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF).

On Campus Programs
3-year program
CHF 18'000.-/year

+ Admission Fee: CHF 3'500.-

2-year program
CHF 15'000.-/year

+ Admission Fee: CHF 3'500.-

3-year program
CHF 20'000.-/year

+ Admission Fee: CHF 3'500.-

Online Programs
2-year program
CHF 5'000.-/year

+ Admission Fee: CHF 500.-

1-year program
CHF 5'000.-/year

+ Admission Fee: CHF 500.-

Not Included in the Fees

A number of additional expenses should be expected by students, which are not covered by the tuition fees. Please be advised that you will need to account for these separately. Additional expenses may include:

  • Accommodation (min. CHF 750.-/per month)
  • Books and e-books
  • Health Insurance (approx. CHF 150.-/per month)
  • Photocopying costs
  • Social activities
  • Public transport (approx. CHF 60.-/per month)
Payment of the Fees

Fifty percent (50%) of the tuition fees for each program that the student is applying for is due upon notification of acceptance and application at the Embassy. This deposit will be credited toward the student’s tuition or refunded if official notification of withdrawal is received thirty (30) days before enrollment. The balance of tuition and student fees is due by Admission day at the beginning of each term.

Refund Policy

In the case of a student’s withdrawal from AUS, tuition will be refunded according to the schedule outlined below:

  • Thirty days prior to admission: 75% of paid tuition, excluding admission fee
  • Within thirty days of admission: 50% of paid tuition, excluding admission fee
  • After two months of admission: if a student withdraws after two months within the
  • admission date, he/she will not be refunded.
In case of a student’s suspension or dismissal for academic or disciplinary reasons, no refunds will be made.