AUS Speaker Series

The American University of Applied Sciences Institute in Switzerland prepares students with skills needed for the future. Interlaced with AUS courses, classroom discussions, and projects, guest speakers regularly enhance the learning experience. Monthly seminars/lectures given by different leading experts sharing their experiences and insights with our students.
Future speakers will cover best practices, lessons learned, and tips in various fields and topics, including entrepreneurship, future business realities, and leadership. The speakers will span the industry spectrum and represent commodities, marketing, hospitality, recruiting, communications, pharmacology, tech, and other industries.
Guest Speakers:
Dr. Aileen Ionescu-Somers, Treasurer/Member Board of Directors, WaterLex
Topic: Strategic Integration of Sustainability in Companies
Dr. Peter C. Böhni, Managing Director, Bühler AG
Topic: HR and Organisational Behavior
Bertrand Rajon, Head of Management & Executive Leadership Education, Nestlé SA
Topic: Leadership Development and strategies to win the 'War on Talent'
Giselle Delance, Entrepreneur
Topic: Brand Creation - Inspirational Story of Watchmaker
Suzanne Godfrey, Brand and Marketing Consultant, Specialist in Luxury Management
Topic: An Overview of the Luxury Industry and Job Opportunities
Cyrus Fazel, CEO and Founder of SwissBorg
Topic: Discovering Blockchain Technologies
Nicolas Hanssens, Digital & Luxury Marketing Consultant
Topic: Luxury industry and its digital challenges
Mia Galic, Head of HR, SwissDeCode
Commencement Speakers:
Industrial Visits
Industrial visits offer opportunities to glimpse the real insight working procedures of established organizations and fulfill the curriculum demand.